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Roll Forming Equipment for the Metal Roofing and Architectural Sheet Metal Industries

Roll Former Corporation's innovative line of roll forming equipment for the metal roofing and architectural sheet metal industries allows for the quick and easy production of interlocking metal panels onsite. Using standard rolls of metal stock, our line of power seamers, residential machinery and commercial roll forming equipment can help builders speed up their work and eliminate the need to have panels delivered. When you have more control over your materials, work is more efficient and cost effective, and the ability to create panels of nearly any length can serve to reduce the number of seams in the roof. To finish the job, trim and accessory machinery allows for easy customization and a large selection of panel profiles to suit any application.

A digital control option allows the metal panel process to be semi automated, with the ability to create batches accurate within a tenth of an inch. The controller is housed in a separate heavy-duty metal case and can be used in association with multiple machines, for even greater savings in time and money.

Power Seamers

  • SSX Seamer: The Industry Standard and Still the Work Horse
  • SSX Heavy Duty Seamer: The Heavy Duty version of the SSX Seamer
  • SS Industrial: 2" Industrial / Commercial Panel Seamer
  • BSA Batten Seamer: True Board and Batten Seamer
Residential and Commercial Roll Forming Equipment
  • 23-C: Combo 2" & 3" Armco Style
  • SSSP-3: 3" Trapezoidal
  • PCM/SS10: Panel Curver / 1" Standing Seam Snap Cap
  • CBSC-15: Combo Snap Cap / Batten Cap
  • FL105/FL15: Flush Wall Panel / Soffit
  • SLP-175: 1-3/4" Snap Lock Panel
  • Plus 50: adds 1/2" height to 1" or 1-1/2" standing seam
  • SS20A: 2" Armco Style Machine

Trim and Accessory Machinery
In addition to the high powered rollforming panel making equipment, an assortment of trim and accessory machinery provides ways to create edge finishes and efficient sealing systems. Standard sized panels can be readily created with a cut-to-length option for a consistent appearance without time consuming hand measuring, and a variety of edge types allow for the creation of standard flashing details like ridge caps, gable ends, and fascias.

  • RTR Recoilers
  • Decoilers
  • Quick Hem Machinery
  • Hot Melt Caulk System
  • Cut-To-Length Unit
  • SA-Perf
  • Drip Edge
  • Valley Flashing
  • Ridge Cap
  • Rake - Gable End
  • Gravel Stop
  • J-Channel
  • Fascia
  • Side-Wall Flashing
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