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General Machine Maintenance

The main Shaft Bearings are sealed bearings and cannot be greased.  The smaller free spinning Idler Roll Cam follower Bearings can be greased if grease fitting are installed.  We do not install the fittings.
Periodically spray the chain with an aerosol Chain Lubricant, not grease.  While spraying your chain, it is good practice to tighten the “End Caps” / Bolts on the outside of the shafts and sprockets, this will keep the entire internal shaft retaining clips pulled tight.  It also keeps the alignment of forming rolls and spacers lined up.
Like any machine with power, Clean Oil and Filter will preserve the life of your power unit, solenoid valves, & hydraulic drive motor. We recommend at least twice a year to do this.  See your Manual or Machine for the type of oil depending whether the machine is being used inside or outside.
If you have a "movable rail / adjustable width" machine, with the power off / machine unplugged, wipe the entire shaft with a degreaser on a rag to clean them then spray only the shafting with a Silicone Spray Lubricant.
With the power off / machine unplugged, wipe half of your forming rolls with either Mineral Spirits or an aerosol Degreaser on a rag. Rotate rolls, power off / machine unplugged to wipe / clean the other portion of the rolls.

Any type of "Galvan Pick Off" onto your forming rolls will generally require "Galv Off" Spray to help remove.
Friction Rolls:
Friction Rolls or Drive Rolls are mostly polyurethane make up and should not be power washed or soaked in a bucket. With the power off / machine unplugged wipe the Friction Rolls down in the same fashion as your forming rolls with either Mineral Spirits or aerosol Degreaser on a rag.

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