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Please find our standard UH - 24 or UH - 36 "Universal Hemming" Machine information to follow.  These two machines are real time savers for your production requirements allowing you to form Hems, Hem & Kick, and Pipe Lock for commercial down spouting. Fabricate metal on your schedule and not someone else’s!

The "Universal Hemming" Machines offer Dual Sided Hemming with 1/2" Flat Hem or Tear Drop Hem and the Hem & Kick with a 5/8" Kick Out with 1/2" Hem tooling included in the base machine. Built with "symmetrically designed tooling" to have your profile forming on the top or bottom of the coil. Interchange the tooling, i.e., form Flat Hem on one side and Kick Out w/ Hem on the other. AC Drive Motor System (Sheet Fed / No Shear), adjustale coil stock width of 8" to 36", variable to 80 FPM speed, 220 Volt 3 Phase power.

Maximum Capacities 22 gauge Steel, .040" Aluminum.

Model UH - 24 (8" to 24" max Flat Stock), now with "Quick Change" Tooling   $21,300
Model UH - 36 (8" to 36" max Flat Stock), now with "Quick Change" Tooling   $26,700
***Quick Change Tooling in Base Machine (No Hardware, No Wrench, Spring Loaded Push/Pull Pins)

Additional Options:

Each Additional Set of "Quick Change" Tooling  

$  1,000 @ Set

Double Sided 3/4" Kick Out w/ 5/8" Return Hem  

$  6,000

Double Sided "Pipe Lock"  $  6,000

1½” "TEAR DROP" Hem Tooling for the 28-29 gauge Grade E

80 ksi Painted Steel (Stages 7 to 10 L/R)            $  3,300
Slitting Knife (1) for increased production $  2,800

Perforation Dies (2) sets maximum  

$  4,800

Optional Oiler Kit for above Perf Dies $     500

Small Stiffening Ribs (2) Quick Release style

$  2,200

Machine Stand w/Leveler Pads

$     900   

Add Front End MANUAL Rotary Shear

$  3,800

Add AC Drive GEM Digital Controller

$  4,700









FOB, Chalfont, PA.      Crating Charges - $300

All Roll Former Corporation Machines are made in the USA!



John R. Dumke
Vice President / Director, Sales & Mkt.
Phone: 215-997-2511

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