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Please find our standard Stand Alone Perforation Machine information to follow. This machine is a real time saver to your production requirements allowing you to perforate metal on your schedule and not someone else’s!

The Stand Alone Perforation Machine is ideal to perforate your metal for Ridge Cap venting and Soffit area venting. It can accept up to 24” wide sheet stock in 24 – 26 ga. Steel, .032” Aluminum, and 12 – 24 oz. Copper. With a quick adjustment it can also perforate 1” deep preformed soffit panels similar to our FL105 profile. The Perf Dies (2 Sets with each set having 4 rows) are adjustable up / down and side to side, oiler kit to lubricate the dies.  Powered by a heavy duty 110 Volt 1 Phase Electric Gearbox.

Price: $8,100

FOB - Chalfont, PA

Crating Charges - $100


Orders are initiated upon receipt of Purchase Order and a 30% Deposit, balance due Prepaid or COD. Any questions please call. Thank you.


John R. Dumke
Vice President / Director, Sales & Mkt.
Phone: 215-997-2511


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