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A Roll Forming Equipment Manufacturer Puts DIY Panel Production Onsite for Less

Roll Former Corporation is the industry leader in the development of all types of roll forming equipment, from residential machinery, commercial/industrial machinery, and agricultural machinery, for all types of applications. As more and more people see the benefits of these powerful fabrication tools, Roll Former has taken its original model and developed it into a great line of choices for builders who want to take control of their materials, do the finest work possible, and save money in the process.

Metal panel systems for walls, roofs, soffits, trim, and accessories have proliferated throughout the building industry. Raw stock of rolled metal is crimped into formed panels to prevent oil canning and to develop a clean look of interlocked panels. While the simple standing seam system is still popular, many other types of crimped panel systems and panel types have been developed over the years to address particular needs and industries. We are leading the effort to bring these types of panel systems directly to the job site and allow builders to make their panels directly from rolls of raw stock without the need of an additional supplier. The ability to make any length of panel as needed saves time and uses less material with fewer excess panels when the job is completed. This added efficiency combined with all of the advantages of a do-it-yourself system, removes the middle man, and puts the power of panel fabrication back into your hands.

Roll Former makes residential machinery for most types of roofing and panel systems commonly used for housing, and commercial/industrial machinery or agricultural machinery for large scale jobs. A digital controller is available to automate the process, and trim/accessory machinery can be used for all sorts of special features such as j channels, fascias, ridge caps, valley flashing, and many more. Roll Former is an experienced roll forming equipment manufacturer that can also work directly with you to create a custom system that meets your specific needs.

Take a look at the choices you have and the various types of agricultural machinery, residential machinery, and commercial/industrial machinery you can use and take from one job site to the next. You’ll never go back to a metal panel supplier again.



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