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Metal Roll Forming Equipment

Rollformer brings the advantages of sheet metal roll forming directly to your job site with the most advanced metal roll forming equipment in the industry. Roll Former Corporation is the leading roll forming manufacturer in the mid-Atlantic region, serving the metal roofing industry since 1982.

Standing seam or other interlocking roll formed roofing systems have become widely popular due to their ease of manufacture and construction, ease of repair, and overall performance. Rollformer makes this process even more powerful by providing on-site roll forming roof equipment to manufacture precise roof components from flat sheet or rolls of sheet metal stock. Now roofers have all the tools to make as many pieces as necessary and create custom pieces on the spot to solve specific problems, instead of waiting for deliveries of pre-manufactured panels. Onsite equipment also permits panels of maximum length, further minimizing the need for seams in the roof.

Sheet metal roll forming takes standard sheet metal and puts it through a series of rolling operations designed to create a formed component. Our advanced equipment can be programmed to create a number of different profiles, allowing high volume production of precise, automated, and identical components at a lower cost. Rollformer’s VS-150 is designed to meet the highest manufacturing standards a wide variety of panel profiles giving roofers all kinds of options.

Rollformer’s VS-150 can work with steel, aluminum, or copper, and can change profiles quickly and easily. Options such as bermuda panels, batten caps, or snaplocks can be provided, in addition to the standard standing seam and ‘u’ panels. Panel width can vary from 9”-12”, and profiles can vary from 1”-1 ½”.

Roll Former Corporation is the rollforming manufacturer of standard machinery and custom machinery designed to meet your exacting standards. Whether you need custom designed equipment or you’d like to learn more about the VS-150, contact Rollformer today.


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