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Roll Removal from Standard Machine

To remove rolls from standard stage:

  1. Remove outer skin from L/S of machine.

  2. Remove screw and cap from sprocket end of shaft.

  3. Remove spring clip from inside of machine, against the rubber roll.

  4. Remove spring clip from stemmed roll on outside of rail.

  5. Slide shaft back through the sprocket side of the machine. Make sure to catch rolls so as not to damage them.

  6. After repairing roll or replacing rubber; slide shaft back and reinstall the spring clip, outer clip, sprockets and cap and screws.

  7. Replace skin on outside of machine.

    If you still have questions, please call.

Roll Removal from Old Dies

  1. Place rubber and die assembly in vise so stainless steel die is facing up.

  2. Place " thick steel plate inside roll against casting.

  3. Using a long punch or old screwdriver hit in downward motion until old rubber pops off.

  4. Using locktite #609 press new rubber on (see photo instructions).



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