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Hydraulic Fluid Change-Over

  1. Disconnect right side hose from the hydraulic drive motor on the side of the machine.

  2. Put machine on and in forward motion to drain the fluid out of the reservoir.

  3. Remove old filter (Cross P/N IA9021/or equivalent), install new filter and reconnect motor hose.

  4. Install new fluid until the reservoir is full to 3/4" from top. Install breather cap. NOTE: It is not necessary to bleed the system and it is not a problem to mix one fluid with another, i.e. hydraulic fluid with 30W non-detergent motor oil.

  5. Change hydraulic fluid and filter at least twice a year.

  6. Recommended fluids:
    Summer Months - 30W non-detergent motor oil
    Winter Months - Hydraulic fluid equivalent to 46 ISO viscosity grade or Mobil product name DTE 25.




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