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Procedure for Panel Length and Batch Controller

GEM 3300

  1. To set panel length counter.

  2. Set "Auto/Manual" switch to Manual.
    1. Press the "Display +/- Button" until the "P for (Panel Length)" appears in the far left column.
    2. Then press the P2 Button. The display is ready to accept a new panel length.
    3. Change the new panel length by pressing the buttons under each column until the proper number appears.
    4. Press the “E” (Enter button to store the new number in the memory).


  3. To set the batch controller

    1. Press the “Display +/- Button” until the “B (Batch / Panel Quantity)” appears in the far-left column.
    2. Then press the P1 Button. The display is ready to accept the new batch number.
    3. Change the new batch number by pressing the buttons under each column until the proper number appears.
    4. Press the enter button to store the new numbers in memory.

  4. Insert the material until the flush with the shear face.

  5. Press the “R” (Reset) Button. This now sets the batch count to the desired quantity count and the panel length to zero. Panel Length will up count to the programmed panel length. The batch count will back count.

  6. Switch “Auto/Manual” switch to “Auto”. The machine is now fully automatic.

    SCALE FACTOR (SF3 Button)
    The scale factor calibrates the encoder to insure the accurate measuring of the panel length. Once this factor is determined, it is generally not necessary to change it. Write this number down after it has been determined in case it is accidentally erased from the controller. This will save you the trouble of refiguring the factor. The factory settings of the SF = 1.0000.

    To determine the scale factor:

    1. Turn the machine on and set Auto/Manual switch to manual.
    2. Insert the metal into the machine and past the shear approximately ½”.
    3. Using the up/down toggle switch, take a cut and leave the shear down.
    4. Push the R (reset button).
    5. Set the panel length to some long length (120.0” or greater).
    6. Manually run the panel with the FWD/REV toggle switch until the counter returns to zero.
    7. Cut the panel, pull the clutch and manually run the panel out of the machine.
    8. Measure the panel. If you get less than +/- ¼” of your counter setting. Do nothing more.
    9. If you get a reading of say 122 ¾” instead of 120”. Then do the following. Convert the 122 ¾” to 122.7 and make the following calculation.

      (measured panel) x (SF) = (122.7) x (1.00) = 1.0225
      (programmed panel)   (120.0)

    10. Push the “SF” or number 3 button and enter 1.0225 and then push E button to enter the new SF.
    11. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
    12. If length is still greater then +/- ¼” then repeat step 9, but this time use the existing scale factor (1.0225).
    13. You should now be quite accurate.
    YOUR SCALE SETTING IS: _________

    NOTE: The counter will usually run over the programmed count on the first panel making it too long by a few tenths of an inch. Once you have observed the run – over for your particular machine, before running the first panel, you can back-up the panel from the shear to subtract the run – over and zero the counter. This will insure that all the panels are even.

    To check codes, simply enter 1st number and second number should appear.

    41 – 1
    43 – 5
    44 – 1
    45 – 1
    46 – 2 OR 3 AFTER May 2013
    52 - 5
    53 – 2.10, this is a timed output and may vary
    54 – 5
    55 – 3.15, this is time-out for cutting, if this is 0 it will not stop to cut.
    61 – 3
    62 – (-5)
    63 – 2
    64 – (-4)
    65 - .01
    66 – 6
    SF – 1.0154

    Please give us a call if you have a problem after checking these codes.

    Scale Measured Length   Previous number in scale
    = Program Length X Factor

    TOTALIZER (T) Mode
    This feature allows you to monitor the total linear feet run thru the machine on a given day, job, or coil. The number shown is in inches and will keep a continuous count until you manually “zero it out”!

    To zero total linear feet:

    Hold in the R + E + Display Buttons together,
    then hit E to Enter, this will zero out the totalizer to monitor your coils.


    Lock-out jumper – T7 to T8



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Procedure for Panel Length and Batch Controller

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