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Rubber Replacement Costs

OPTION A: Customer to disassemble machine, pack up rolls and ship to us.
  4" rubber roll - $281.00 each - labor included
5" rubber roll - $315.00 each - labor included

**If rubber/dies are from an older machine, aluminum rings may be required and must be done at Roll Former Corp. - $23.00 each.

OPTION B: Customer to disassemble machine, disassemble rubber dies and reassemble with press. *See photo instructions
  4" rubber roll prehexed - $150.00 each
5" rubber roll prehexed - $160.00 each



Remove Rubber from SS Dies

  1. Place 1/4 x 1 x 2 steel plate in hexed hole of rubber roll. Make sure plate is across hole on inside of roll. See photo #1.


  2. Clamp in vise against rubber with SS die facing up. See photo #2.


  3. Using shaft through hex hole in SS die, hammer against steel plate. See photos #3 or #4.

    Pricing Pricing

  4. The recoil of the hammering will pop the rubber and casting from the SS die. Use care not to drop the SS die.

  5. If necessary, polish rolls on lathe before re-assembling with new rubber.





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