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"Double Lock" to "Single Lock" SSX Seamer Changeover

Removing Stage #4 Roll and Shaft for 90° Single Lock

  1. Remove last stage grease cover with 5/64" Allen wrench.
  2. Remove screw on top of brass gear.
  3. Remove serrated washer and fender washer.
  4. Tilt seamer and grasp steel roll, pull down until shaft is clear of seamer.
  5. Remove brass gear and steel washer under it.
  6. Make sure you have found the 3/16" square key.

Replacing Stage #4 with extra #2 Roll and Shaft

  1. Make sure brass spacer is on shaft resting on steel roll.
  2. Tilt seamer and insert shaft in bearing opening so that 1/2" protrudes inside wing housing.
  3. Place steel washer over end of shaft.
  4. Place brass gear on end of shaft.
  5. Press upward on steel roll until end of shaft is flush with top of brass gear.
  6. Align keyway in shaft with keyway in brass gear and insert 3/16" square key.
  7. Replace fender washer, serrated washer and screw.
  8. Replace grease cover.
  9. Remove 4 spring discs (one set) from the last stage.

Remove Stage #3 for 90° Single Lock

  1. Remove screw holding stage #3 from angle block, keeping the roll on the screw.

Replacing Stage #3

Replacing Stage #3 for 180° Double Lock

  1. Replace according to photo above.

Replacing Stage #4 for 180° Double Lock

  1. Switch extra stage #2 with the original stage #4 using above written instructions.
  2. Replace 4 spring discs (one set) on last stage.



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