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Camber Adjustment

Camber” is the upward or downward bow to a given Roof Panel or Custom Profile Machine product as it exits the roll former. It is crucial to check this setting before running the machine as you go from coil to coil. *** Due to material type (Painted Steel / Aluminum, Copper, CRS, SS, etc.), thickness, tensile, and yield strengths a panel or product will react differently.

A) Initially run a 5’ test panel by advancing the material thru to the exit end of your machine. With the piece out of the machine, sight along the bottom “Underside Corners” of a roof or wall panel and check to see if the panel is straight. On a Custom Profile Machine the adjustment principle is the same upward or downward bow but you may not have “Underneath Corners” to sight down. THIS IS KNOWN AS CAMBER AND MAY BE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ADJUSTMENT ON THE MACHINE.

B) If the panel curves down, simply loosen the locking “Jam Nuts / Locking Bolts located in the inside rear upright by using an Allen or Open End Wrench through the holes located in the side or top of the frame, adjust the camber rolls / blocks up to compensate. If the panel curves up adjust the camber tubes down. Note: Put a pencil line or marking as to where the current Camber Blocks are set, this will give you a “point of reference” to go back to the previous setting. Small adjustments are recommended! Each side can be adjusted independently if possible and if need be. Once a given panel / product has been adjusted for Camber and you have straight / flat pieces re-tighten all “jam nuts” / locking bolts for your camber stage. Run a new panel to make sure all is correct!

C) Run Out Stands, it is very important that the panel is supported as it exits the machine so that it is not bowed by its own weight. Any type of smooth run out table or tripod stands will work well to support the panels or product.

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